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Free Elimination 2.0

A combination between puzzle and mathematics and logic game
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Free Elimination is a cool mathematical game, which is a combination of puzzle, mathematics and logic. When the game is started a window appears which is divided into two parts. In both parts there are numbers, which have to be matched each other. The rule is that a number on the left should be dragged between two neighboring pairs on the right. There is a mathematical formula, which correlates the numbers in the neighboring boxes. It can be subtraction, division, multiplication or addition.

The aim of the game is to clear all numbers on the left. But this is not so easy. In order to do that the player has to move 6 correct answers on the right side on top of 6 pairs on the left. The other six on the right are bogus. When the answer is correct (matches the formula) the pair of target cells is removed. The game is not an easy one because there can be more than one answer. For example one number on the right can match with more than one pair on the left. That is why, when you position your mouse cursor on a number on the right a clue appears, which tells you which is the right pair to choose from.

The game is great for students that want to develop their mind because it can help them to solve more complex mathematical puzzles.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Mind challenging game, totally free


  • Not very interesting, although mind challenging
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